Son Mieux is the musical project around singer-songwriter Camiel Meiresonne. He is 27 years old and saw some hectic teenage years. He started playing in a band at the tender age of 11 and turned professional at 14. He was born and bred in The Hague. Many of the songs on his debut album Faire de Son Mieux are set in this city’s nightlife. Camiel is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, keyboard-player and producer. Apart from being a musician he loves the nightlife. But only after he has taken distance from his deepest feelings (and heartaches) does he transmute them into songs. He’s got a big heart and a cool head. Camiel Meiresonne is Son Mieux and vice versa. The album’s title, Faire de Son Mieux is French for ‘getting the most out of yourself, or giving it all you got’. That’s Camiel all over in the ten highly personal songs on this album. Son Mieux is also noted for composing all songs on an acoustic guitar and then transforming them into a unique electronic pop sound.
Camiel is influenced by indie folk artists such as Bob Dylan, Tallest Man on Earth, Bon Iver and Bright Eyes. But he also loves pop and rock greats such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones (‘all of my life really’) and Arcade Fire. His number one vocalist is Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs & Englishmen). But Camiel does not want to be just anther singer-songwriter and takes pains to avoid sounding like one of the acts that have inspired him.

For Faire de Son Mieux Camiel fused an electronic soundscape to his love for folk, rock and indie guitar acts. Electronic music is another big musical passion. Camiel first discovered it as a youngster at dance parties. Ever since then he feels ‘great and free’ in an electronic environment. For a long time he wanted to incorporate electronics in his own music. And on this debut album he has done just that.
Faire de Son Mieux showcases ten fully rounded pop songs brimming with irresistible hooks and choruses. The stories are personal in the best folk music tradition but all of them have an electronic foundation. This results in finely crafted, extremely danceable music full of emotion. And that’s it: the DNA of the Son Mieux sound.

What started four years ago as an acoustic solo project of Son Mieux has morphed into a tightly-knit and super stylish synth-pop band. Fire and soul, this six piece band have it all. Camiel’s younger brother, Quinten plays the keyboards and guitar. He functioned as the sounding board in the making of the album, which the two started working on in a small house in quiet wooded surroundings. The two have been making music together since their early teens when together with their other brother, Wrister they formed the successful garage band All Missing Pieces. Camiel quit this band when he was 18. He then joined the indie rock band Soul Sister Dance Revolution from The Hague as keyboard player, a stint he describes as ‘a big party’. However, all the nighttime partying absorbed him completely. And ten years of playing in bands ‘for the fun, the shows and grand gestures’ took its toll and a severe identity crisis followed.

To cool out Camiel left on a five month trip to Indonesia – ‘no plans, no expectations and almost no money’. Traveling along the South coast of Java he found the calm and space for a close look at himself. Nobody knew him. No money and status but a deep sense of joy. ‘You see, I could do it, be happy and express myself, without a band and without a lifestyle of excess’. He bought an acoustic guitar and started writing one song after another. None of those made it to Faire de Son Mieux but four years ago on Java the seeds for Son Mieux were sown.

In the Netherlands city life once more engulfs him. The volatility of it all becomes the main theme of the album. ‘It’s a generational thing,’ Camiel explains. ‘Everybody my age has problems with it. We are constantly engaged with each other through social media. But at the same time we are dying for real contact. That’s why we party on until all hours. That’s why we’re searching for some form of intoxication to reach that point where you can really touch one another.’ Everyday, the first song on the album, sets the tone. Just like the key song, Nothing it deals with the insanity of our current internet society. ‘Everybody is chasing after something. Everything needs to go faster and faster. We are forgetting how to live in the here and now. That’s how we lose our way.’
Love is the other major theme on the album. Its impact and the impossibility of it in the long run. That informs tracks such as What a Feeling (being in love head over heels), Leads (doing everything you can for someone else) and Old Love (finding out that the lifestyle of your great love is a world apart which you can never hope to share). Because in the end – another thing that Camiel has found in his soul – the call of the nightlife may prove too strong.

Of course, Camiel is aware of its pitfalls. Tuesday deals with the ravaging results of the nightlife. Pretty Strangers deals with chance meetings with people who are meaningless. Honey is about the unsatisfactory transience of one night stands. But then listen to Come Back Again (‘a super swaggy track with a hiphop feel’) and you realise when Camiel’s heart really speaks. It is an ode to going out and its attendant hedonism. ‘Each weekend that unstoppable urge. I have to go out and make the scene. That’s when I think I want to feel on top and this is the night I‘m gonna make it.”



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