'Nothing' official video out now!

What started four years ago as an acoustic solo project of Camiel Meiresonne (26), Son Mieux has morphed into a tightly-knit and super stylish synth-pop band. Fire and soul, this six piece band have it all. Camiel is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, keyboard-player and producer. Apart from being a musician he loves the nightlife. But only after he has taken distance from his deepest feelings (and heartaches) does he transmute them into songs. He’s got a big heart and a cool head. Camiel Meiresonne is Son Mieux and vice versa. The debut album’s title, Faire de Son Mieux (out February 8), is French for ‘getting the most out of yourself’ or ‘giving it all you got’. Faire de Son Mieux showcases ten fully rounded pop songs brimming with irresistible hooks and choruses. The stories are personal in the best folk music tradition but all of them have an electronic foundation. This results in finely crafted, extremely danceable music full of emotion.



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For all inquiries you can contact management at info@sonmieux.com